Foodie: Bif's Smoke and Grill

"People who love to eat are always the best people." — Julia Child

(c) BIF's Smoke & Grill

(c) BIF's Smoke & Grill
Pampanga Bloggers with the Owners: Sir Jude, Sir Caloy and Sir Tim 
and Ms. Nica; Marketing expert (left, front)

Last september 15, I was invited to a food tasting / dinner event with my co-Pampanga bloggers at Bif's Smoke and Grill at the Quad, Nepo Angeles City.

When you enter the restaurant, a rustic-homey vibe will welcome you. I first noticed the bottles hanging on the ceiling and the artwork that is hanging on the wall. At first I thought it's an excerpt from the comic book; Archie.
The interior was designed by one of the owners, Sir Jude.
Bif's Smoke and Grill opened its door last year, May 2014. A brainchild of three friends who love the old-school movie Back to the Future, thus the name Bif's from the movie's villain.

Sir Jude, one of the owner and the interior designer of Bif's Smoke and Grill

My decoration peg for our future house. hehe

And for the foods..

Pulled Pork Nachos
I love nachos! My husband knows that. I love how crispy the nachos are and the pork ... ohhh so good.

Pulled Pork Nachos, Php200
Our Nacho stack, topped with smoked shredded/pulled pork shoulder

Bif's Caesar Salad
My favorite salad ever! I am very particular with my croutons in my salad. It melts in my mouth and it's soooo tasty!! And the lettuce.. very fresh and crispy.

BIF’s Caesar Salad, P190
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with garlic-laced Caesar dressing topped with parmesan-scented croutons.

Bif's Buffalo Wings
I've always loved spicy foods, maybe because of my 25% Bicolana Blood from my Mom. When the waiter brought the Buffalo Wings in table, I became giddy. When I tasted it I said "Duh?! It's not that spicy" But when I chew the chicken, OMG the flavor exploded in my mouth. You must try out Bif's Smoke and Grill's Buffalo Wings.

BIF’s Buffalo Wings, 6 pcs P220; 12 pcs P420
Crispy fried chicken wings lightly coated with spicy sauce. Goes from mild to mouth-burning hot!

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab
When they brought this in our table, everyone's in awe.. "nga nga kami lahat" haha. It's huge.. and delicious. Very delish indeed! I hope I can bring my husband at Bif's very sooonnn!

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab, P350
A mouthful of meaty ternderness and glazed with our signature BBQ sauce. Comes with creamy parmesan mashed potatoes and a choice of fresh buttered vegetables, corn wheels, or baked beans.

Bif's B.A.D Burger
THIS IS THE B.O.M.B !!! The best burger evaaaahhhh!!! I know I am abusing the exclamation point,because this is what I felt when I ate the burger. Exclamation para mas intense! lelz It's juicy and full of flavor.. their secret burger sauce added flavor to the burger.. In addition to that, the fries are authentic .. "di sila frozen"

BIF’s B.A.D. Burger, P999
A 10-inch burger, made of 2 lbs US Angus beef, with homemade crispy golden fries.

Braised Beef Belly
My ultimate favorite! It melts in your mouth.. it's so soft and delicious.. i know right! I used delicious again and again.. My husband will surely love this.
Braised Beef Belly, P350
Braised in the oven for hours, U.S. Angus Beef slices that melt in your mouth, served with red wine au jus, rice, buttered vegetables and corn wheels. 

Grilled Pork Steak
My gawwd!! Ang sarap nito!. As in...The sauce added flavor to the steak. Another favorite of mine. It's more special because of the mashed potato. I am very particular with my potatoes!! Hehe

BIF’s Grilled Pork Steak, P290
Succulent and served with creamy honey-mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, and fresh buttered vegetables

Chili dog
When I thought we're already done, this came out from the kitchen. haha The bread is custom made and it is called ciabatta bread. It is so filling.. the sausage is an original recipe and i love the chili con carne.

Chili Dog, P240
Homemade sausage covered with Bif’s chili con carne, chopped onions and melted cheddar cheese. One isn't enough. Double dog serving for double the goodness! 

Of course there's still room for dessert! This is my new favorite dessert. It is made exclusively by Kcafe for Bif's Smoke and Grill. I love how the vanilla ice cream balances the sweetness and saltiness of the cookie. I really can't live without desserts!!

I am so blessed to be part of this group. I've met new friends whom I share the same passion with. Here are the BTS from the bloggers' dinner care of Bif's Smoke and Grill

If you want to experience Bif's Smoke and Grill visit them at the Quad Nepo Center and visit their
Facebook: BIF's Smoke & Grill

SPECIAL THANKS: to Sir Jude, Sir Tim and Sir Caloy for opening your doors to Pampanga Bloggers, to Ms. Nica, Marketing expert who invited us in this one of a kind gastronomic experience, to Ms. Khai Nunag of for sharing this to us and to my blogger friends Donna of and Theresa of for letting me know about this event. You made my first blogger event special..


Unknown said...

Everything looks so delicious! I can never say no to BBQ.. yummy :)

-- new blogpost in my blog :)
Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

Marrien said...


Yup!! :) Everything's delicious :)
BBQ won't fail us :D

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