A Day in the Life of an Admin Assistant

Hi Loves. How are you today? Me? All good :) It's my rest day today from work.
For those of you who don't know yet, I am working again in the corporate world.
I am blessed to have found a job that suits me, a rewarding job that keeps me going.
I've decided to quit working from home and go back to working in the office because
of some few factors that I've decided to keep privately within me and my husband.
But everything goes well, and I love my job.

First and foremost, I am currently working as an Admin Assitant to the CEO in a Outsourcing
Company here in the Philippines. I won't disclose any information about my employer for privacy. teehee.

(photo from Pinterest, just for laughs.. hehe)

So how does my day goes?

Since I work for a American Company, I work during the third shift which is the night shift.
I leave our house at 9:00 in the evening Manila time then commute to work. My shift starts at 11:00PM

I start my shift by checking emails, my boss' calendar, and my planner.
I always keep a copy of my boss' schedule in my planner too, so I won't forget her schedules.
Next is I check on my boss if I have some things to do. I always keep my to-do lists in a notebook and also my accomplishments for the day.

At 3AM I take my "lunch break" then after our break, I check emails again, update my spreadsheets and other stuff.

I leave the office at 7AM and go straight home and sleep.

That's basically it. haha.

This job requires being organize, dedicated and independent. It's a fulfilling job because you get to learn lot of things everyday. I see to it that I do my job with passion and never gets bore with it.

And yes! I am most excited for weekends!! Because Saturdays and Sundays are my rest days. I get to spend my weekends with my husband and I'll get to sleep during the evening.hehe.

Sorry for this random post. I just feel like it to share what my day looks like when I have work. For weekends, I will write something about what I do during my rest days. :)

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Gellie Abogado said...

I don't think I'd ever be cut out to work as an Admin Assistant. I cannot be organized! Haha! Since my field is more on the creatives, I handle our org's marketing and communications arm and they're totally tolerant of me being messy and stuff; but of course, at the end of the day, I get things done on time... JUST DON'T ARRANGE MY TABLE!!! LOL


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