5 Reasons TYLT’s Power Products Are as Impressive as They Sound

TYLTs power products turn a backpack into a phone charger.  Whether your backpack gets you through a day of school or a weeks-long international trek, every backpack is better when it can charge a smartphone.  Here are five reasons that TYLT’s phone-charging bags are even more awesome than they look.


Five Unexpected Benefits of TYLT Power Products
  1. If you have a backpack with power bank, you can recharge your phone when waiting for the bus after school.  The afternoon bus ride used to be the most boring part of the day, but if you have a power backpack, the time will fly by.
  2. When you and your friends get tired of debating which is the best smartphone, TYLT offers you a new topic of conversation.  Now you can banter about the best power banks for iPhone.
  3. TYLT’s power backpacks can keep your phone charged throughout an all-day hike.
  4. During final exams, you can successfully keep your computer charged during an all-night study session in the library, no matter where you sit.  You can choose the comfiest seat, even if it is not within reaching distance of an electrical outlet.
  5. With a power backpack, you can charge kitchen devices right from your backpack.  You are not limited to roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire. Leave the frankfurter roasts to the Sneetches and represent the foodie generation.

In case you are the type who travels so light as to not need a backpack, TYLT has you covered too.  They also offer compact portable chargers that you can carry in your handbag or man purse. What is the point of wireless devices if you have to plug them in to charge them?  TYLT frees you from your constant quest for electrical outlets.

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