The Medical City Clark’s Cardiovascular Center Offers World Class Services for Open Heart Surgery

The Medical City Clark’s Cardiovascular Center Offers World Class Services for Open Heart Surgery

The Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass is a faster, safer, and less costly surgical procedure for heart patients

Internationally-acclaimed surgeons of The Medical City Clark performing the Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass (OPCAB) surgery

The Medical City Clark’s (TMC-Clark) Cardiovascular Center continues to provide residents of
Central Luzon with world-class and advanced services for open heart surgery
as it offers all the benefits of the Off-Pump Coronary Bypass (OPCAB).

Here are 5 facts about OPCAB to shed some light on what it is all about,
shared by the experts from The Medical City Clark’s Cardiovascular Center.

It is performed by expert doctors from TMC-Clark’s Cardiovascular team.
TMC-Clark houses a team of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgeons who are locally
and internationally accredited on their sub-specialties, a cardiovascular anesthesiologist and
an in-house cardiac critical care intensivist who perform OPCAB surgeries.
These doctors were trained in the Philippine Heart Center and
are internationally recognized fellows from the
American College of Surgeons, Society of Thoracic Surgeons
and the Asian Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

It is accessible to North and Central Luzon residents.
Heart diseases has remained one of the top causes of mortality in North and Central Luzon.
These trained doctors with the same level of expertise as Metro Manila doctors
cater to North and Central Luzon residents due to this rising need in heart surgeons in the area.
High quality medical services are not only found in Metro Manila.
The Medical City Clark offers the same high quality surgery with less cost for the patient.
People in Central Luzon now have easier access to world-class medical services especially
when there is increased connectivity through nearby airports as well as expressways such as

High-risk patients are eligible for this operation.
High-risk cardiac operations are now managed with expertise.
The heart-lung machine used in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) surgeries
could be harmful since it increases the risk of a heart attack, more commonly in high-risk patients,
as it needs to arrest the heart. OPCAB performs the procedure while the heart is still beating,
overruling the need to use a heart-lung machine.

It results to a faster recovery time.
Due to the previous fact, it reduces recovery time for patients.
Not using the heart-lung machine in most of the procedure will now remove its bad effects
resulting to the patient’s early recovery and early return to work.
Those who undergo the OPCAB surgery usually recover within 5-7 days after the surgery.
In addition to that, OPCAB surgeries has the same success rate as CABG surgeries at 99%.

It costs less
OPCAB requires fewer anesthesia and without the added cost of the heart-lung machine,
it lessens the expenses of the patient. Since the recovery time is also shorter,
there is less hospital room costs.
The Medical City Clark also offers the best package for catastrophic illnesses including
coronary bypass graft with the PhilHealth Z Benefit, which lowers the cost to ₱650,000 and
PhilHealth shouldering ₱550,000. The patient only needs to pay a total of ₱100,000 for the operation.

OPCAB is a proven surgical procedure that has successfully treated many patients with coronary heart
diseases. With its well-trained doctors and world-class facilities and equipment, patients of
The Medical City Clark are sure to receive the best treatment possible closer to home.

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