Update on Our Wedding Preps

Updates. updates :

Nothing new though. haha, Just got home from a quick tour around the city to canvass for craft materials for our wedding decors. Together with my BFF, we looked for affordable craft whatnot. But we are already decided to visit Divisoria this coming last week of July. 
Here's my list of what to buy in divi:
1. Bags for giveaways for Ninangs.
2. Paper bags ( note. should follow our color motif. ) * color motif will be on a different blog post.
3. Styro balls to use for our DIY centerpiece
4. ribbons, crepe or tissue papers and other craft materials
5. packaging for our other giveaways ( will be on a different blog post)
and other anik-anik and kalakuti, haha.

Well my budget for this is Php5000. so help me God . :)

So basically that's it. And by the way, I already requested for our Cenomars over the net. but haven't paid them yet because my friend said that it is cheaper in their service centers. so I will check that out too. :)

> excited bride here <

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