Plumpy's Indulgences nominated me for Liebster Award

Heeyah!!!! How are you lovelies? I'm so well now ;) Thank you Jesus, to my family, friends and everyone who wished me well. I missed my blog really and all your lovely comments. Well I am now back on track and for my comeback post, I will answer few questions from my friend Kristine of Plumpy's Indulgences because she nominated me for Liebster Award. So basically I have to state 11 facts about myself which is so tough, because I don't like saying things about myself, but I think this is fun. So let's start.

11 Facts about Marrien:

1. I have very poor eyesight. As in very poor like 375/400 eyesight. If I don't wear my glasses, I am a snob. haha. No, I just can't see you from afar.

2. I am lazy. Uber lazy. haha. I can sleep all day without eating. I am attached to my bed.

3. I am mushy cheesy or romantic. I love giving surprises.

4. I love meeting up with friends. I am the one who set dates, send messages and invites. I just love hanging out with them. My week isn't complete without seeing my friends.

5. I am a frustrated fashion designer and photographer.

6. I am inconsistent. I change decisions easily. I am fickle minded.

7. I love gory and scary movies. But when I watch it together with my boyfie, I act as if I'm super scared so that he'll hug me and ofcourse pinching spree!!!! hehe.

8. I am a sadist lover. I love pinching and biting and punching my boyfriend. He's very cute when he is hurt. haha. I am so mean.

9. Hello Kitty is my first true love.

10. I cry in movies and weddings.

11. I am a good friend, a good daughter, a good sister and a good lover. I am a peace-lover too :D

And here are the questions from Kristine:

1) What is the main purpose of your blog?

** To show that anyone can be beautiful inside and out even if you don't have money. And yes, you can still enjoy a wedding even if you're on a budget. Because every wedding is special.

2) How important is having many followers as far as achieving the purpose of your blog?

** It's important for me to have followers, because I want to impart to girls like me that beauty is skin deep and you can be beautiful without spending too much. I want everyone to know how to embrace their beauty :) God made us special and Unique :)

3) What are the ways you use to promote your blog?

** I join forums and I tell my friends about it and I post relevant articles that can be helpful to others. I also love bloghopping 

4) Do you have followers who you have met online but became a friend whom you literally had a date with?

** Not yet. But I wish to! I'm very excited :)

5) Are you a member of any online social media community?

** Yes, I am a member of Weddings at Work or W@W. It is an online community of brides and grooms to be and even those who are already married, exchanging ideas about the big day from preparations to moral supports.

6) What are the topics you most enjoy reading?

** I love reading about beauty on a budget, arts and crafts and travel.

7) What makes you follow a blog?

** I follow a blog if I can see myself in the writer. It is important that you are following a blog that has the same interest with you.

8) Is it important that you reply to the people who comments on your blog?

** Yes indeed! I love replying to comments. :) Because I want to show my readers that I appreciate them.

9) How important is the quality d the pictures in relation to the over-all quality of the blog?

** I don't think it doesn't matter. As long as the photo is relevant and if you didn't take it you have to credit the owner though :)

10) If you can give me one good advice on blogging, what will that be?

** Write with love. :) Put your heart into writing. Personally, I feel like I'm in a different world when I write. I'm no good in writing,, as you can see my blog, it is super random and my words are very simple and my style is informal. But I love writing. I love sharing my thoughts.

11) I want you to give me constructive criticism to improve my blog, what will that be?

** Ohh gawd! I don't know how to give a constructive criticism. Well I'll just give you a message. Haha. Love what you're doing. You'll never get tired when you love your craft and continue embracing your beauty. You are beautiful. :) Thank you Kristine.

P.S I wasn't able to choose 11 bloggers with below 200 followers. XD I'll do it some other time :)


Shayne♥ said...

congratulations marrien :) i am also a frustrated photographer haha. i wish i took photography courses when i was still in school :)

babbledoll said...

Thank you Shayne! :) Me too, :) But back in college there are no free photography workshops, but now there are several :(

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