Hello Lovely readers. Please bear with me as I'm writing this post using my mobile phone. Im too lazy to get my laptop. Im sorry for being MIA ( missing in action ) since Sunday. I had a high fever because of Urinary Tract Infection. My boyfie brought me to the hospital then I was given antibiotics. Our bad we bought generic medicines. -.- Of course we want to save some moolah.. Anyhoo.. Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I can't stand up without support because I was too weak. Diarrhea came along. It was very bad. As if my body is giving up. I catch my breath everytime I talk. But I was very thankful of my family for checking on me and my boyfie stayed with me since yesterday. I was a spoiled big girl. haha. I wake him up when I need to pee, when I want to drink, and yeah  my crying spree woke him because I was in pain really. Then this morning we went to the laboratory to have my urinalysis and complete blood count coz I might have Dengue Fever. When we reached the Doctor's Clinic, he was shocked because My infection increases. So he gave me a stronger and expensive but effective antibiotics.

As of now, I am recovering but still I have diarrhea. The doctor wanted to confine me in the hospital, but I don't like. I'm scared.. hoho.. >.< He told me to just increase my fluid intake. I hope to get better until sunday. We have so many plans last sunday but because of this fever nothing happened.

And did I say I will never ever use Generic medicines again!

Please pray for me that I will gain my energy back.. :)

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