Review: Hayan Korea Slim Lipstick

Hello lovelies! :) Last night when I got home, a parcel is waiting for me. And I'm expecting for it to come this week. The parcel is from Hayan Korea. My 3rd blog sponsor. I'm so grateful that Mr. Cris sent me goodies. The parcel contains 1 Hayan Slim Lipstick, 1 Hayan Eye Liner and 1 Hayan Aesthetic Snail Nourishing Cream. I've already used the Snail Nourishing last night but I need to use it for 1 straight week before I write the review.

Anyhoo, for this post, I will review the Hayan Slim Lipstick. The shade that I got is No. L210 and it's a red lippie which I really love. :)


The lipstick is in a sleek black box that is a bit sophisticated looking. I love how the box gives enough information about the product and everything is written in English.

Product Information:

The product's tagline is: Lovely lips! Lively lips! Elegant lips!
 It promises to give beautiful color to your lips~

As per the information on the box the lippie gives "Vibrant shades that stays true for hours with the conditioning formula of a lip gloss. Its unique formulation allows it to naturally adhere to the lips for a flawless, long lasting wear. Sleek texture and consistency provides natural color and feather-proof coverage for a satin, soft professional finish" "

From the Inside:

The lippie is like a bullet. It is very easy to swipe and use :) I love how small it is because my lips are quite small. 


The product is really red and I love the color. I always use red lipstick and this one is a great addition to my growing collection.

How to use:

* For a clear application, apply a small amount of Powder or concealer to define the lip line.

* Use a lip brush or directly apply lipstick starting from the inner center of the lips.

* For fuller-looking lips, apply gloss in the center part of the lips.

TIP: If your lips are dry or cracked, apply lip treatment 10-15 minutes before applying lipstick. Wipe excess oil with tissue before lipstick application.


I give this product 5/5. *claps* I love how highly pigmented this lipstick is. And I didn't even apply lipbalm before applying the lippie. The price of this Hayan Slim Lipstick is P470 but you can avail this for P250 Intro Price | Shade # L210 and Nt. Wt. 1.4 grams or 0.5 ounce and this is Available in Hayan Kiosks/Stores Nationwide.:)

I just want to have all these pretty shades :) 

So there you go! :) Special thanks to Mr. Cris of Hayan Korea for sending me the lootbag. :)

Disclaimer: The product in this review is sponsored by Hayan Korea but the views and opinions are based from the writer's experience on the product.


Jo-an Victorio said...

Cool, slim lipstick looks sooo sophisticated .
And the color compliments you♥

Loving it!♥

babbledoll said...

Thank you Jo-an :) Yep I love red lippies a lot! :) You should try this :)

้ป„ๅฒ็‘ถ said...

aahhh those swatches look so pigmented!! loveee ur postsss

just followed u, lets follow each other? ;D

babbledoll said...

Hello there! :) Yep the lippie is soo pretty.. Thanks for following :) Followed you too :)

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