Wedding Preps: Freenup 1st week :D

How are you lovely dearies! It is still raining cats and dogs! Oh how I miss Mr. Sunshine. But anyhoo, yesterday, August 18, a rainy day, we've decided to go ahead and have our Prenuptial care of our friends.
They own DSLRs and they are photo enthusiast. We met at Marquee Mall at 1pm and I had my own makeup and had my hair straightened out at Marquee Mall for FREE. haha :)

We've decided to have our photoshoot at Clark Picnic Grounds but when we are on our way it rained very hard. Yes I know there is a typhoon. So we went to Nayong Pilipino. But there is an entrance fee of 100 pesos each and we are 6. So we paid the fee but when the personnel learned that it is a pre-nuptial shoot, they are asking for a 1000peso fee, so we've decided to refund our money instead.

Good thing our friend Jonathan have their stall at the newly built Philexcel Commercial Bldg. So we just had our shoot there. We used their stall as a mini studio and also had our shoot outside. And at around 6pm we headed to a nearby cafe named "Coffee Date" It is a new cafe next to our friend's stall and we had our shoot there :)

So here are the teasers:

With our superb friends :)
There you go! I need to edit the others. :) Will have our next photoshoot maybe next,next week. I'm so excited! Good thing we have great friends who are so talented and ofcourse always willing to help us along the way. We lolololove you mumuch!!!!


Shayne♥ said...

aww ang cute naman nung picture with the giant ring <33 congrats to the happy couple! :)

Jo-an Victorio said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see the final pictures.. ♥

Loving it!♥

babbledoll said...

Thank you Jo-an ! Me too :) they are super nice parang lahat gusto ko ilagay.. hihi :)

babbledoll said...

Hello Shayne! :) My dad and I made the giant ring. hehe.. thank you sooo much~ :)

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